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B2B Writing Samples

Hey, thanks for checking out my writing samples.

You can check out my writing below, and if there might be a fit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

-Zach Grove
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Thought Leadership Writing

Social Media Marketing: Understanding The New Word of Mouth

Two-page spread on using social media to attract clients, published in American Woodworker, a nationally distributed print magazine.

Social Media Marketing-Grove

B2B Whitepaper Writing

Sample coming soon, from one of the largest B2B software companies in the marketing automation space.

Content and PR For Thought Leaders: 530,000+ page views from a single guest post (case study)


My client, James Swanwick, is an author, speaker, and ‘Top 25 Networking Expert’ on Forbes. His piece of content, Why I Quit Drinking 4 Years Ago, had decent traction on his personal blog, with several hundred views.

Then I pitched a revised version to the senior editor of Elephant Journal, an Alexa top 5,000 website. With smart content promotion following the post going live, the post was featured on the blog homepage and went semi-viral—twice.

To date, this single guest post has resulted in:

  • 531,704 page views
  • 6,311 social shares
  • 466 email opt ins

Corporate B2B Content and Inbound Marketing Strategy


How I Increased My Email Conversion Rate By 226%

Brief case study on my client’s results with conversion optimization. Our single A/B test increased inbound leads from a high-traffic piece of content by 226%.

This improvement was on the blog of digital marketing agency Single Grain, which has worked with Fortune 500 clients like Intuit, Salesforce, Yahoo, and more.


Email Newsletters For Brands

As a company leader, you have unique expertise that the world needs to hear. I help you translate your valuable ideas into writing that demonstrates your expertise and helps your customers.

About Dr. Nathan
Dr. Pamela Nathan has helped patients with IBS, Crohns, Colitis, and other digestive disorders for over 30 years. Her company, Crohns, delivers probiotics and prebiotics supplements to patients in over 78 countries.



Challenges: Teaching Patients About New, Complex Medical Findings
Dr. Nathan needed to educate her patients about the earth-shattering Human Microbiome Project (HMP).

The HMP has dramatically shifted our understanding of gut health. As a recognized expert in the field, Dr. Nathan needed to educate patients about the complexities of the study, in a voice and style that patients would understand.

In particular, recent research on microbiome health has strongly suggested that prebiotics are just as critical as probiotics to human health.

However, even loyal Crohn’s customers didn’t yet understand the difference between probiotics and prebiotics, and the HMP’s findings that prebiotics may help heal patients with digestive disorders.







Our Solution: Translating Dr. Nathan’s Medical Expertise
Into An Educational Newsletter For Patients

First, we looked at qualitative data from the company’s online Live Chat software. This allowed us to see what questions prospects were asking about prebiotics.

Next, we took the highest-frequency questions, and scheduled an interview. I interviewed Dr. Nathan for about 20 minutes to get helpful advice and answers for patients based on the science.

Using this interview recording, I used Dr. Pam’s audio recording to craft and put together an attractive newsletter, teaching her patients and colleagues about the science of the microbiome, in words that patients could understand and act on. We used this content as the basis for an Q&A-style letter called FAQ about Prebiotics.


This campaign answered common questions about prebiotics, educated prospects about the complex findings of the Human Microbiome Project, and communicated the opportunities for their treatment.

In close collaboration with the company’s marketing leadership, I revised the copy until the campaign had the appropriate tone and content for customers.

Newsletter Results and ROI: 13.47% Conversion Rate
In total, the first email newsletter drove 334 clicks and 45 sales in this segment of newsletter readers.

Visitors from the newsletter had an Average Session Duration of 4 minutes, 24 seconds on the company’s website.

The 13.47% conversion rate (from website session to transaction) was the highest in the company’s history. Below you can see the Google Analytics report for the campaign:


Patient Nurturing Content Strategy

I’ve continued to work with Dr. Nathan and the company’s leaders to create more content. This helps prospects understand the latest rapidly advancing microbiome science and its implications on their symptoms.

(Additional samples here and here.)

This content has helped generate referrals, win the loyalty of customers, and position itself as a “trusted advisor” for topics of health. More importantly, the consistent monthly education has built trust and massive goodwill among Dr. Nathan’s patients.