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The Blog of Zach Grove

Hi, I’m Zach Grove.

Here are a few notable things about me:

  • First, I was marketing hire #1 at Drip, an email marketing SaaS (acquired by Leadpages).
  • Then, I was the Director of Marketing at Single Grain, an agency with clients like Amazon, Uber, SEMRush, Drift, etc.
  • Along the way, I co-founded a DTC brand. We sell our own patented product via Shopify and in ~30 brick-and-mortar retail stores.

This site is where I write about the marketing approaches, services, and tools that I’m seeing traction with… so that you can find success with your own digital marketing.

More about me personally

I like:

  • Playing the drums (genres: punk, hip hop, thrash metal)
  • The Denver Broncos
  • Slow travel (I’ve lived in Taiwan for a year and Thailand for two)
  • Running marketing experiments—in SEO, content marketing, email, SMS, paid ads, etc.

Want to get in touch? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, or shoot me an email at zach(at)

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